Icon Slate

Icon Slate

Icon Slate lets you easily compose, import and export icons in many formats for desktop and mobile.

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Import and export .icns (retina), iOS (iOS 7, retina), .iconset, .ico (Windows Vista 256x256), Android, .png, .tiff, .iContainer files and Folder.


Drag and drop one or sevaral images to compose your icon.

Import and export

Manage multiple icons in a project. Batch import and export.


Built in preview in Dock. Adjust the background color to check the rendering of your creations above different backgrounds. Preview the icons with four different icon layouts (default, iOS 7, iOS 6 and iOS 6 with gloss effect).

Formats customizations

Select the sizes to use for each formats. Export sizes and icons in separate folders... Save and load configurations.


Create icons quickly by using copy mode (Copy to empty or filled sizes, Copy retina to regular sizes) and operation mode (Cover filled sizes, Trim transparent pixels).

Optimized for OS X

iCloud, Retina UI, Version, Auto-save and QuickLook.

Services and Automator

Convert images quickly in Finder and use Icon Slate convert tool in your automator workflow.