Magic Exporter

Magic Exporter

Discover Magic Exporter, a new Adobe Illustrator CC plug-in on Mac OS X
to export objects from your AI docs to PNGs for all devices and screens with ease!

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Quickly extract objects 

Bored of slicing or hiding layers before exporting? This plugin exports objects in your documents separately. It means that you will be able to export an artwork with a graphic layout behind it with ease. You just need to mark the object to be exported and your work is done.

Target every platforms

Whether you create images for IOS, Android and other platforms, it takes considerable time to rename files accordingly to the naming conventions of the platform. To avoid this, Magic Exporter allows you to customize and define the automated process for naming files.

And even more

Automatic export on save, optional pixel alignment for scaled objects, trim transparent pixels...

Multiple devices and screen densities

Nowadays when you design an UI, you target many kinds of devices. Each one has a unique screen density, like "retina" images in iOS (@2x). With Magic Exporter it becomes easy to create a PNG file scaled to a particular screen. You can even export multiple versions of the same object at once with custom scales.

Keep things organized

From one document you can export a large number of images. It could be painful to use them if they are saved in the same folder. With Magic Exporter, you can define subfolders for each exported objects.

They talk about it...

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